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Vegetable Crops


Sweet Corn

One of the things that Ohio is known for is corn. Here at Rhoads Farm, we pride ourselves on growing some of the finest bi-color sweet corn you’ll find anywhere! With a full 60 acres dedicated to this crop, we are certain that you will find our sweet corn to have some of the highest sugar content and best shelf life on the market.

All of the varieties that we plant are classified as “Triple Sweets“. This new hybrid brings you some of the finest tasting corn around. Your customers will find that these varieties tend to be creamier, sweeter and more tender.

We grade our corn with extreme scrutiny, and only keep the very best ears that meet our standards of quality. With over 50 years of sweet corn experience, you can count on Rhoads Farm to deliver you with a great product that will keep your customers coming back for more! Sweet corn season typically runs from July through after Labor Day.


Brussels Sprouts

For too many years brussels sprouts have had a bad reputation. Over the past few years we have done our best to help change that perception. We like to think there’s been some success on that front. Many of the top restaurants in Central Ohio use our sprouts daily, serving their customers a new and tastier variety.

These new varieties are loaded with vitamins A and C, and are much less bitter. Our growing method makes use of our strawberry beds, and results in a harvest time that begins in late September/Early October and continues through December.

Brussels sprouts are available either by the quart, or in 20lb. boxes. If you are purchasing by the quart for retail sale, we take care to ensure that the top layer of sprouts are packaged with the stem down, resulting in a wonderful presentation for your customers.

We also grow: Zucchini , Tomatoes , Cucumbers , Bell Peppers , Eggplant , and many other tasty vegetables!