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Fruit Crops



At Rhoads Farm the WAY that we grow your produce is what sets us apart! Our strawberries are the largest and tastiest you’ll find in Central Ohio because we grow 100% of our crop using a method called annual plasticulture. This is the method pioneered in Florida and California. We’ve taken it a step further and modified the growing method to maximize Ohio’s unique climate in order to provide you with berries that have amazing texture, flavor, shelf life, and a higher than average sugar content!

Within minutes of harvest, our berries are brought into large coolers, and cooled via force-air to a constant temperature of 34 degrees. All deliveries are made via refrigerated truck in order to ensure that you receive the freshest product possible.

This season we were excited to offer you the ‘San Andres’. This California variety is a an extremely large berry with extraordinary shelf life that is perfect for our wholesale clients. The wonderful flavor appearance of this berry will keep your customers coming back for more!



Since 1999, Rhoads Farm has been bringing high quality blackberries to the Midwest. During that time period, we’ve seen what the Ohio climate can do to yields and prices for this delicious little berry.

Seeking a way to provide more consistent yields, and in turn provide our customers with stable pricing, we developed a partnership with Trellis Growing Systems. This revolutionary system has enabled us to become the Midwest’s largest blackberry grower. By not only solving the problem of winter crop damage, but also being able to reduce harvest labor by as much as 33%, we are now able to offer you several varieties of blackberry – all at great price!